What is the purpose of our community archive?

The primary purpose of the Manitos Digital Archive is to provide a platform where Manitos can share their collections and research with other Manitos and the world.


Who are the common users of the archive?

In planning the archive we determined that its most common use would be for research and discovery of primary source materials and specific information related to Manito history and cultural heritage by family and community genealogists, historians, archivists, and storytellers. Secondary users would include researchers, documentarians, journalists, curators, educators, and creative practitioners seeking content for reuse in virtual exhibits, audio/video productions, multimedia installations, computer interactives, and publications. 

Community activists can use archival information to spread awareness and provide cultural and historical context in their negotiations with policy makers and government regulators over land rights, natural resources management, development and gentrification, and young people returning to their ancestral lands seeking to revive rural lifeways can use the archive as a source of knowledge about traditional practices.

Academic scholars can use the platform to share primary source materials, publish research, and collaborate with communities in the creation of digital scholarship.


How Do I Use the Archive?

Discovery via browsing

Browse through the content of a particular community or participating partner.


Discovery via search

Find content that is of interest to you by using the search bar at the top level of the website to search all content, or use search bars on each of the pages to search within subsites. Finally, the advanced search function can be used to search across all content within particular parameters.


What are the Terms & Conditions?

Reuse of Content

Materials that are published on the Manitos Digital Archive website are either in the public domain or published under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license or “BY-NC-SA” that allows people to use and adapt content for educational and noncommercial purposes only, and only as long as they give proper credit to the creator and make any adaptations they share with others available under the same or a compatible license. If you are reusing content, be sure to review the pertinent information in the item description first.

Restricted Use

If a creator wishes to control access to certain items, they can upload them to the archive without publishing them. Anyone who wants access to those items will need to get permission from the appropriate community contact person.  


Before uploading videos, recordings, or photographs of people to the archive, make sure that you have their permission to use the material for this purpose. We have created customized release forms for you to use.