A general store in Questa, New Mexico, 1943. Photograph by John Collier, Jr.

The Purpose of Questa Stories ~ Voices of the Northern Rio Grande, is to encourage and celebrate connection to place, culture, history and each other through sharing and archiving lived experiences and stories. As a collection point for these stories we honor those that give them voice; sharing respectfully is important to us. We are creating an audio-visual story archive for North Central New Mexico, particularly for Questa, Cerro and surrounding communities, from Arroyo Hondo and Arroyo Seco to the South, to Costilla and Amalia to the North and just over the border into Colorado, Garcia, San Luis etc.

Taking inspiration from both traditional oral history and ethnographic approaches, as well as more informal events, conversations, the StoryCorps interview model, photography, video and the scanning of precious photographs and documents, the hope is to facilitate the recording and archiving as well as revitalization of local stories and traditions through meaningful conversations that link generations and encourage cross-pollination of ideas, perspectives, experiences and understandings.

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